A friend requested I make this, and so here it is, and I offer it to anyone who needs it, with all the authority vested in me by whoever vests these things. Print it out if you need to.

The best art advice ever given to me—ever, ever—was “Don’t be afraid to make bad art.”

You will make a whole lot of crap in your time. Some will be truly awful and some will be merely mediocre. And that is totally normal and totally fine and for the love of little green apples, just keep going, because that’s the only way I know to get to the good stuff eventually.

(I normally feel horribly egotistical mentioning my awards, but I think this counts as using that power for good.)

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Seen in SE Portland.

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Selfie in the abyss

Never doubt that Evil Supply Co. is awesome. Never.

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Hey everyone! Here’s the latest installment from my new book— The Art of Impact. For more comic essays like this, check out my website!


Sometimes you need to see a truth presented beautifully to make it even more real. Fantastic work!

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Not soon enough!!!

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Bruce Wayne… DATING!

The Batman story you never knew you needed.

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“The economy’s tough. They say that to stay relevant in the job market, you’re supposed to reinvent yourself every five years. What the hell is that supposed to mean? I haven’t invented myself once!”

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for you and me who experience artblock..
keep on drawing!


I really needed this right now. Thank you.

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Cannot be stressed enough.

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